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memories to live for

we know what it means to look for activites for events. another restaurant night sounds good, but sometimes you just want to add a little spice, to see your friends or team smile and laugh. we are here for you to tailor your event to be perfect. with years of experience in talent teams, both in huge corporate organizations and startup culture, we know the struggles of event management...

so... we have a space that's cute, small, and cozy. we have very intriguing yet fun poles, cava yoga is actually a thing and our creativity will not stop us from creating you an event you want. our space is not our limitations, our people can add excitement and joy to your event!

either you are planning your next bachelor or bachelorette party in costa del sol (or hen/stag party as some of you call it), want to engage your team to a fun group activity before picnic on the beach or are looking for a room to host a cozy therapy session, it´s totally doable!

for more information and booking, contact us directly at

or whatsapp +34 676 794 759 

with love,


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